Local 283 Travel Agreement Form

This form is required to be completed by you, to ensure all travel arrangements are made properly. The address you provide will be used to send your flight ticket, stipend check and any other documents you may need for your travel.

Please Read:

The Transportation Safety Administration requires that the name on your boarding pass matches the name on your photo ID that you present at the airport security check-point.

Please make sure your name on this form matches your photo ID!

REAL ID Deadline is Fast Approaching

The deadline to have your REAL ID in place is fast approaching. Make sure you’re ready and that this program doesn’t hinder you from traveling.

What is REAL ID?

Passed by Congress in 2005, the REAL ID Act enacted the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation that the Federal Government “set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses.” The Act established minimum security standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for official purposes licenses and identification cards from states that do not meet these standards. These purposes are:

  • Accessing Federal facilities
  • Boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft
  • Entering nuclear power plants

Learn more: https://www.dhs.gov/real-id-public-faqs

Travel Expense Reimbursement Agreement Between Member and Carpenters Local Union 283

Whereas, Carpenters Local Union 283, (hereinafter "The Union") and Local 283 Union Member (hereinafter "Member") understand and agree that The Union will expend money for the training of the Members and Members participating in other Union business, including, but not limited to expenses incurred traveling to and from the Carpenters International Training Center or anywhere The Union has business; and

Whereas, those sums of money will be paid directly to the companies in charge of transporting members from one destination to the next, as it relates to the Member’s raining or Union Business including any lodging expenses; and

Whereas, such amounts will vary depending on the available modes of travel (including lodging), as well as the distance between the Member and the Local Union; and

Whereas, the Member understands and agrees that once Member accepts the offer to attend the training or Union business, as evidenced by the Member’s signature on this form and funds are expended for the necessary travel arrangements, the Member assumes certain obligations to The Union, including the obligation to reimburse The Union should the Member, for ANY reason, cancel the Member’s travel arrangements to the detriment of The Union; and

Whereas, should the Member cancel travel plans to the detriment of The Union, the Member shall repay to The Union the sum of all monies expended by The Union for travel expenses (including lodging) to, during and from the Member Training or Union business.

NOW THEREFORE, The Union and Member hereby agree and covenant for the good and valuable consideration set forth herein, as follows:

1. Travel Expense: The Union hereby agrees that the cost of travel, including but not limited to, air fare, bus fare, rental cars, taxi cab fare, etc., from Member’s home location to the Member’s Training or Union Business, any travel expenses (including lodging) incurred during the Member Training or Union Business that are directly related to the Member Training or Union Business and travel from the Training or Union Business back to Member’s home location, will be covered by The Union unless travel is cancelled by Member.

2. Terms of Travel: The Member hereby agrees and understands that once the Member accepts the offer to attend the Member Training or Union Business and funds are expended by The Union to secure travel for the Member, the Member must follow through with the Member Training or Union Business. This includes being present and on time for all modes of travel to and from the Member Training or Union Business.

3. Breach of the Agreement: An immediate breach of this Agreement occurs if the Member for ANY reason cancels, postpones or changes travel plans to the detriment of The Union. The Member shall incur an obligation to repay The Union the TOTAL amount of travel expenses and lodging incurred by The Union, in the event the Member for ANY reason, including but not limited to, personal reasons such as illness or family related matters, or by voluntarily declining to accept Member Training or attend Union Business.

4. All Amounts Due and Payable if Breach Occurs: If the Member breaches this Agreement, all monies expended by The Union for the Member’s travel to and from the Union Training or Union Business and any lodging expenses are due and payable, together with 5% interest (compounded daily) from the date of this Agreement, and all costs of collection hereof, including reasonable attorney’s fees and all court costs.

5. Choice of Law and Service: This contract shall be governed by the laws of the state of Georgia. The Member hereby agrees and covenants to accept personal service and jurisdiction of any competent court determined by The Union by the mailing of a copy of the Complaint brought pursuant to this Agreement, to the Member at the current address as provided in Paragraph 7 herein.

6. Waiver of Breach: The Union reserves the right to waive any inadvertent breach of this Agreement, by Member, at its sole discretion. This waiver will only be granted for cases of "emergency", to be determined, exclusively by the Board of Trustees, on a case-by-case basis. Such waiver will only be considered at the request of the Member and must be memorialized in writing. The Union’s decision whether or not to permit a waiver must also be in writing.

7. Notice: All notices under this Agreement will be sent to the Member contact information entered above.

The Member hereby agrees and covenants to promptly notify The Union of any change in the Member’s address. To the extent that applicable law allows, the Member’s failure to provide an updated address does not determine whether service of Notice was proper per Paragraph 5 herein.

8. Miscellaneous: This Agreement encompasses and embodies the entire Agreement between the parties hereto and anything not embodied in this Agreement is not part of this Agreement. Should it be found in a court of law that any portion of this Agreement is invalid, the invalid portion shall be stricken from this Agreement; however, the remainder of this Agreement will remain valid.